smallbatch Freeze Dried Chicken Bites 7oz

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Protein + Probiotic + Superfood

We strive to only use meats that are free-range, pasture-raised, and always free of hormones and antibiotics. Our produce is 100% certified Organic and our supplements are always pure, organic, and unrefined. No HPP (high pressure pasteurization), always 100% raw, the way nature intended.

Single-source protein treats for cats and dogs featuring 95% meat, organ and bone, fermented purple cabbage probiotic and a different superfood with each flavor. Great for adding to mealtime or as treats.

Bites with Benefits:

  • Add raw to mealtime
  • Give as a treat
  • Use as meal topper to entice picky eaters
  • 95% certified humanely raised chicken
  • 8 limited ingredients
  • 0 grain, filler, or compromise

Chicken Including Bone, Chicken, Chicken Gizzards, Chicken Hearts, Chicken Livers, Organic Winter Squash, Organic Spinach, Organic MCT Oil, Salmon Oil, Organic Turmeric, Organic Hemp Seeds, Fermented Organic Purple Cabbage, Fermented Organic Sunchokes.

Nutritional Information
Moisture (max): 4.5%
Crude Protein (min): 57.8%
Crude Fat (min): 27.5%
Crude Fiber (max): 1.9%

Calorie Content |
ME = 4300 kcal/kg = 430 kcal/100g = 122 kcal/oz

Weight | 7oz