TropiClean Oral Care Kit for Cats

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Everything your kitty needs for clean teeth. TripleFlex™ technology for optimal
Helps remove food particles. Prevents the formation of plaque & tartar.
Provide daily dental protection & fresh breath! Inclusive of 1 brushing gel,
1 toothbrush & 1 fingerbrush.

Tropiclean Oral Care Cat Kit is a dental pack that is inclusive of a brushing gel, a toothbrush and a finger brush — all the essentials your kitty needs for clean teeth!

With a specially designed TripleFlex toothbrush consisting of bristles on three sides, Tropiclean Oral Care Cat Kit helps to clean all surfaces of your cat’s teeth simultaneously.

Tropiclean Oral Care Cat Kit’s toothbrush helps to effectively remove food particles stuck between your cat’s teeth, preventing the formation of plaque and even tartar!

The finger brush in the Tropiclean Oral Care Cat Kit allows for more accurate & gentle brushing, and is ideal for cats who dislike or are intimidated by normal-sized toothbrushes.

Tropiclean Oral Care Cat Kit, if used consistently and daily, can provide your cat with optimal dental protection and even fresher breath!

Suitable for
Cats of all breeds.

Weight59 ml