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*BULK BUNDLE* Tuck Kee Pets Clumping Corn Cat Litter (26 Bags x 6L)

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Tuck Kee Pets Clumping Corn Litter

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For cat parents who want a high quality, environmentally-friendly litter. A single 2.5kg pack, added to a litter tray for one cat, will provide continuous waste absorption for an entire month.


Ultra-Lightweight & Absorbent

  • Absorbs 5x liquid volume compared to traditional clay litter
  • Absorbs longer than other litter varieties, a little goes a long way

100% Natural & Completely Biodegradable

  • Flushable in small quantities
  • Made of corn cob & plant based gum
  • No artificial dyes, chemicals or fragrances
  • Safe if accidentally ingested by curious kittens
  • Decomposes quickly & completely in a landfill

Superior & Rapid Clumping Action

  • Instantly traps liquid forming discreet clumps that do not break apart
  • Does not disintegrate into powder or dust upon contact like other litter varieties
  • Easily remove soiled litter without wasting remaining dry, fresh litter 

Instant Absorption Action

  • Neutralises odour upon contact
  • Great for households with multiple cats
  • Unscented formula will not overpower your feline's delicate sense of smell 
  • Compressed corn pellets keep odour contained

Gentle on Paws & Lungs

  • Low tracking, dust free
  • No more crumbling & dusty litter
  • No more tracking around your home
  • Does not cause matting in fur
  • Suitable for long-haired cats


Ingredients | Corn cob, plant based gum

Weight | 6L/2.5kg