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Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Spray 500ml

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Specially formulated to remove urine stains.
Removes permanently!
Suitable for both hard & soft surfaces.
Recommended by vets & carpet institutes.
Neutralise unpleasant smell.
Prevent territory marking behaviour.
Uses a mix of microorganisms & enzymes — digest urine crystals.

Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Sprays are specially formulated to help remove urine stains — they are recommended by veterinarians & carpet institutes!

Other than removing urine stains, Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Sprays can also help neutralise unpleasant smells from your cat’s urine.

Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Spray uses a mix of naturally occurring mirco-organisms & enzymes to break down and digest uric acid crystals in defecated urine.

With Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Spray, you will be able to remove urine stains and odour permanently — this prevents territory marking behaviours in your cats!

Urine Off Cat & Kitten Hard Surface Sprays are USDA certified biobased products; they are safe for use around people and pets.

Ingredients |
Water, non-pathogenic bacteria, enzymes, detergent, fragrance.
Contains enzymes: may produce an allergic reaction. Contains less than 5% anion surfactant and fragrance.

Direction For Use |
Shake well before using. Never dilute or use this product with other cleaners. Always check for any possible discoloration on a non-obvious spot before using. Remove excess wet urine with a paper towel. Saturate soiled areas with Urine-Off. Allow the area to air-dry - do not scrub. Remove residue using water sparingly and blot with a paper towel.

For hard surfaces |
Wipe up urine. Spray the soiled surface and allow it to air dry. Wipe up residue using water and an absorbent paper towel. For old, dried deposits, repeat application on subsequent days until odour is gone.

Please read the back of the packaging for more instructions.

Weight | 500ml