Vitakraft Cat Stick Mini Salmon & Trout Cat Treats

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CAT STICK are tasty sticks with lots of meat that make all cats go crazy. Composed of over 90% of meat, with many vitamins and precious mineral substances. Practical pack of 3 sticks each individually packaged.

Delicious smell irresistible taste - no artificial flavors. Each stick is individually wrapped - which maintains the freshness and flavor.

  • snack off meal or small reward for cats
  • high in meat (95%) or fish (85%)
  • unsweetened
  • without artificial dyes and appetizers
  • with an inviting perfume
  • perfect to break because pre-cut                                                    

Meat and Animal Derivatives (Poultry - Chicken/Turkey), Fish and Fish Derivatives (Salmon, Trout), Minerals, Additives (Preservatives and Antioxidants)

Nutritional Information |

  • Moisture 28.0%
  • Protein 33.5%
  • Fat content 20.0%
  • Crude fiber 2.0%
  • Ash 9%

Quantity | 3 Sticks