Vitakraft Cat Yums Superfood Elderberries Cat Treats

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Mmmmm ... yummy! The extra-meaty Cat Yums® + Superfood elder and delicate duck are produced in a unique process - with the best ingredients and sugar-free formula. The special feature: each snack snack is refined with local elderberry. This is naturally rich in antioxidants and therefore good for cell protection. A real power snack for cats! Carefully
Cooked in the oven and with a hearty, fruity filling, the Cat Yums® are not only irresistibly delicious, they are also deliciously juicy when biting into it. Your cat will love these meaty snacks!
  • Juicy cat snacks with visible filling
  • Extra meaty
  • With a delicate duck
  • Refined with elderberry
  • Gently cooked in the oven
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • In resealable bag

    Meat and animal by-products 72.2%(pork, poultry, duck 2.1%)Vegetables,Vegetable protein, ExtractsFruits (elderberry juice concentrate 1.1%),YeastsPlant by-productsMineralsAdditives / kg:Nutritional physiological additives:3a370, Taurine 445 mg. CONTAINS PORK

    Nutritional Information |

    • Moisture 38.0%
    • Protein 24.0%
    • Fat content 12.0%
    • Crude fiber 1.5%
    • Ash 6.5%

      Weight | 40g