Vitakraft Crispy Crunch Peppermint Cat Treats

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Crispy who's got the lot! The irresistibly crunchy snack pillow is filled with digestible poultry and refreshingly creamy peppermint. Crispy Crunch is made with a sugarless recipe. The crunchy texture with creamy filling is sure to delight your cat's taste buds. Every bite is an absolute highlight for your cat! This snack pillow can also help to control and prevent hairball formation. Crispy Crunch is ideal as a small reward for loving pampering in-between.

  • Crispy cereal pillow with creamy filling
  • With digestible poultry and refreshing peppermint
  • Sugarless recipe
  • Controls hairball formation
  • Comes in a resealable bag
  • Ideal as a reward for pampering your feline

    ereals 33.7% (rice, corn, oats), Herb, offal, yeasts, Vegetable protein extracts, meat and animal by-products (poultry), Oils and fats (Peppermint Oil 0.03%), minerals, Aloe Vera.

    Nutritional Information |

    • Protein 30.0%
    • Fat content 20.0%
    • Crude fiber 4.5%
    • Ash 3.0%

      Weight | 60g