Vitakraft Souprise Chicken Wet Treats 4x20g

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Souprise, our new Liquid Snack Deluxe is here and cats will love it! The soup snack with pure chicken fillet in handy Sachets invites you to pamper and is perfect for in between. The tender meat snacks, prepared in a lot of fine sauce, are a real culinary delight for every cat and convince by a sugar-free recipe. At the same time, this little meal will help keep up your favorite fluid intake. A snack in the best quality.

  • With pure chicken fillet
  • Soup snack with a lot of fine sauce
  • grain-free
  • Sugar-free recipe
  • Without artificial colors, flavors and preservatives

    20% chicken fillet, potato starch, minerals, carrot

    Nutritional Information |

    • Moisture 90%
    • Protein 7.0%
    • Fat Content 0.2%
    • Crude Fiber 0.5%
    • Crude Ash 0.5%

    Weight | 4x20g