Vorous Super Premium Cat - Chicken (2 Sizes: 2kg/10kg)

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Vorous Super Premium range benefits from a variety of high quality protein sources. The range provides a selection of recipes formulated to meet the specific needs of kittens and cats.

  • 50% Total Chicken - Rich in essential amino acids, vitamins & minerals to promote everyday health and well-being
  • Added cellulose and beet pulp, sources of insoluble fibre, to help reduce hairballs
  • Contains Pre-biotic MOS and FOS which help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and support healthy digestion
  • Added Taurine and Vitamin A to nourish the heart and help maintain vision
  • Added Beet pulp, a good source of dietary fibre, to help promote intestinal motility and good stool formation
  • Contains Omega 3 essential fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a soft & shiny coat

Weight | 2kg / 10kg