ZEAL Free Range Naturals Chicken & Beef Morsels Treats 100g

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Zeal Free Range Naturals Freeze Dried Morsels are made from 100% pure meat sourced from New Zealand. Easily digestible, tasty, and soft. It can be given as a treat, crumbled over food as a topper, or fed alone as a complete and balanced meal.

  •  Handmade in New Zealand
  •  Protein-rich, free of grains & gluten
  •  Useful as a training aid and meal topper
  •  Tasty and soft, easy to digest
  •  Suitable for cats & dogs of all sizes

Suitable For Cats & Dogs. 

Ingredients | 50% NZ Chicken, 50% NZ Beef 

Country Of Origin | New Zealand

Weight | 100g