PurelyMeow is a subgroup of PurelyAdoptions that focuses on cats adoption (rehoming). Before successful adoption, there is a very long process from rescuing/trapping, vet visits (and vet transportations), fostering (or boarding) and home trials.

Their heroic efforts comes with a huge load of financial stress. You may join us and do a part in relieving their stress in their rescue efforts by filling the kitties' tummy & supporting their overall wellbeing with these donations from their wish list!

Thank you for browsing and thinking about lending a hand! 

Note: Donations purchased will be delivered to PurelyMeow every (insert timeline). Prices are greatly slashed & adjusted (very close to cost price) to encourage bulk purchases. Delivery updates will be texted/whatsapp to your order registered number.

You may also include donation items into your personal order, we will be keeping aside the donated items to be delivered to PurelyMeow.