Cattyman Shrimp Flavored Slice Chewy Cat Treats

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Perfect as a food topper or snack! CattyMan Flavored Slice is a codfish
based snack mix with bream. Intensely flavourful, it is a great snack and you can use
it as a food topper for an added treat at mealtime as well. Yummy goodness your
catty cannot resist!

Country of Origin | Japan

Ingredients |
Seafood (cod, sea bream), starches, sugars, vegetable oils and fats,
bream extract, sorbitol, seasoning, salt, coloring (cochineal, red yeast).

Nutritional Infomation

  • Crude Protein: Min. 17.0%
  • Crude Fat: Min. 2.0%
  • Crude Fiber: Max. 1.0%
  • Crude Ash: Max. 10.0%
  • Moisture: Max. 18.0%
  • Energy: 350kcal/100g

Weight |25g